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Eco Friendly Yoga Clothes – Where to Look For Sustainable Yoga Clothes


The new dress is slow fashion. It can be hard to know where to start and what to buy with so many yoga clothing brands leading the charge.

Keep reading to discover our favorite yoga clothes.

What Makes Yoga Clothing Sustainable?

The best material to make active wear out of is phare. It is not typically seen through and stays in place despite the sweat and moist environment.

So, what’s the problem?

There is a type of plastic that is made from oil. High levels of greenhouse gases are produced by the use of oil. More than 70 million barrels of oil a year is used to make the world’s supply ofPolyester. Without taking into account the waste and disposal of the oil after it’s been processed, the garments are not bio-degradable and remain in the ocean. Eco friendly brands use alternative sources like fishing nets and plastic waste to make sustainable yoga clothes.

It’s a concern when it comes to sustainable living. It is important to do a deep dive into the research when researching a brand. It doesn’t mean that a company is actually doing the work if it has a page on sustainable on its website. Hidden Lemur is researching the kinds of fabric brands use and the various initiatives a company is involved in. Over time, the practices tie dye yoga pants and social involvements of companies that adopt eco friendly production processes will change. We encourage you to read through the information on the website of the company you are considering purchasing from, and to reach out to them if you have any questions about it.

prAna is a brand that cares about the planet. Eco friendly yoga clothing is made to last.

It’s the best for staple pieces that can mix and match.

Sustainability: Zero-plastic packaging and 100% recycled paper;

Fair trade does use animal products.

There is a size range from small to large.

Check individual items and colors for specific fabric usage details for organic and recycled fabrics in prAna’s items.

prAna Sustainability Practices

The Fair Trade Certified organic cotton is used in many of their products. The Global Organic Textile Standard and Organic Content Standard certify many textiles. They use certifications that have different requirements.

The brand has a reputation for its use ofHemp. It is an amazing textile with many benefits.

– Inhibiting bacterial growth

– Fast drying

– UV-resistant properties

prAna is an even more sustainable brand because of the use of hemp and cleaner chemical use in the production of clothing.

Responsible packaging is used by prAna. Responsible paper that is 100% recycled is included in this.

prAna Ethical Practices

The prAna brand is a Fair Trade certified brand, meaning that their products come from a certified factory where safety measures are in place to protect the employees.

It is important to do your own research when you are an advocate forsustainability. While prAna has great initiatives for sustainable living, they don’t try to get website visitors to go to their other shop that makes clothes that are part of a circular economy. To get to this site, you need to dig a hole or click here.

The company uses animal skin and feathers in their clothing. Cashmere, silk, wool, and leather can be used.

prAna Sustainable Yoga Clothes

prAna Size Inclusivity

There are different sizes of prAna. They do offer a range of plus size specific clothing, which is not the most size inclusive sustainable company.

prAna Pricing

The prAna yoga items are relatively affordable. These items are built to last with proper care and are more ethical and sustainable than a fast fashion brand. Although you might pay a little more upfront, your leggings will last for a long time and you will be supporting a sustainable fashion movement.

Check the prAna prices for eco friendly yoga clothing.

The Girlfriend Collective has a wide variety of clothing, from yoga clothing to hair accessories. The brand wants to provide complete transparency.

It’s the best for practical and fashionable activewear.

Each product has a sustainable report on it.

SA 8000 certification is more geared towards workers in factories.

Size Range: XXS to 6XL

The materials are often made from post consumer waste.

Girlfriend Collective Sustainability Practices

The Girlfriend Collective is a great place to start when shopping for yoga clothes. The brand does a great job of making its sustainable practices available to customers and each product has a report that includes: the number of water bottles used in the item, the pounds of CO2 that were prevented, and the kilowatt hours of energy that were saved.

The cupro is a fiber made from the waste that is left by the cotton industry.

Girlfriend Collective Ethical Practices

The SA8000 certified factory is in Vietnam. This certification is similar to that of the Fair Trade certification and certifies that workers mental and physical wellbeing is a priority and that no child labor practices are in place.

Girlfriend Collective Sustainable Yoga Clothes

Girlfriend Collective Size Inclusivity

One of the producers of eco friendly yoga clothes is Girlfriend Collective. You don’t have to go to a different part of the website to find the sizes you want.

Girlfriend Collective Pricing

The Girlfriend Collective prices are in the middle of the spectrum. You won’t break the bank, but you probably won’t be getting as much as you would from a discount retailer.

[Check Girlfriend Collective Pricing]

It keeps products simple and organic. You won’t find any outrageous wear-once type products on here, you’ll find staplers that are designed to last and that you’ll keep coming back to.

The best essentials are designed to last.

The website is low impact and responsible.

The sustainable fabric practices at the forefront of the mission also works to ensure safe and healthy factory practices.

The sizes are often grouped.

Materials: Organic, low-impact fabrics only

Organic Basics Sustainability Practices

Users can choose to shop from a second low-impact website if they so choose, thanks to Organic Basics.

The guiding principle is to start with design The brand creates timeless designs that are built to last and act as wardrobe mainstays for years to come. The B-Corp company products are typically made with organic cotton.

The Organic Basics fund supports grassroots campaigns to improve the environment. Rewilding Europe is one of the projects that they fund.

Organic Basics Ethical Practices

External sources show that they have worked on the ethical practices of the brand, despite the fact that the website doesn’t provide a lot of information. The workplace is free from child and forced labor and employee benefits include free lunch, a living wage, and child care, as well as being a certified B Corp.

Organic Basics Sustainable Eco Friendly Yoga Clothing

Organic Basics Size Inclusivity

Within their eco yoga clothing and activewear section, Organic Basics only has three sizes for both tops and bottoms: X-S, M-L, and X-X-X.

Organic Basics Pricing

The pricing of organic clothing is higher than the average. You can get a great price on an eco friendly top and bottom with the active packs.

[Shop Organic Basics Sustainable Yoga Clothes]

Made Trade is a marketplace where you can shop for a wide range of goods that are made from small businesses. It is easy to shop for all of your essentials without being concerned about the ethical or environmental impacts of your purchases.

Best For: Supporting different brands with one purchase

Sustainability: Sustainable materials and recycled/upcycled products

Fair Trade products are supported and paid fair prices.

Size Range: XS to XXL (varies by product)

Products and brands are often sustainable and recycled.

Made Trade Sustainability Practices

Made Trade is a climate neutral business that purchases offsetting credits to support the work of the WWF. 1% For the Planet is a program where 1% of every purchase is donated to a non-profit.

Each product page has a box with different certifications. A product can be marked.

– Women owned

– Hand crafted

– Sustainable materials

It’s easy to find items that align with the initiatives that you want to support. You can shop by value.

– BIPOC Owned

– Fair trade

– Sustainable materials

– Hand crafted

– Women owned

Made Trade Ethical Practices

The marketplace carefully vets each product to make sure it matches their values. Potential partners go through an extensive application process in which items are evaluated by looking at the production process, labor conditions, fair trade status, and more

Made Trade Sustainable Yoga Clothes

– Recycled Crossover Pocket Legging

– Recycled Bell Bottom

– Crisscross Four-Way Recycled Top

Made Trade Size Inclusivity

Size options and fit among products vary because Made Trade is a marketplace. The customer can choose between between five and six different options.

Made Trade Pricing

Made Trade pricing varies by product, but prices generally reflect the lack of shortcuts that are taken in the manufacturing process and the ethicality and sustainable practices that are put into place and verified throughout

[Shop Made Trade Sustainable Yoga Clothes]

Other Sustainable Yoga Clothing Brands We Love

Threads 4 Thought

Threads 4 Thought is a yoga clothing brand that provides transparency to its customers. The brand publishes a transparency report which shows how much water, crude oil, and soil is used in the production of its products. A closed-loop system is being used by Threads 4 Thought to reduce its water usage.

[Shop Threads 4 Thought Yoga Clothes]


The brand promises to plant ten trees for every purchase. You can see details of water, CO2, and waste that was saved by Tentree’s sustainable production methods on many of their products. The brand is ethical and affordable.

[Shop Tentree Activewear Here]

United by Blue

United by Blue pledges to remove one pound of trash from the ocean for every product sold. This is done on United by Blue. They want to make the Earth’s water pollution-free and to keep the ocean clean and healthy by producing only sustainable products. United by Blue is an eco friendly yoga clothing company and they are placing people over profit. Their clothing is easy to mix and match.

[Shop United by Blue Eco Yoga Clothing]

Shop Sustainable Yoga Clothing Today

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Our guide to sustainable shoes is a good read.

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