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How Does UV-C Light Kill the Covid-19 Virus?


We are making our own hand sanitizer and cleaning products, buying tools to track symptoms, and looking to new ways to clean our bedding, because Covid-19 has taken our cleaning obsessions to a whole new level. Since the coronaviruses, there has been a cleaning trend of using ultraviolet light.

How Does UV-C Light Kill Germs?

The ability to multiply and cause disease in the bacterium is destroyed by the UV-C light. It provides a chemical-free method to kill mold, and other viruses, even though it hasn’t been proven to kill the Covid-19 virus.

Hospitals, airplanes, and water treatment plants have been using UV-C light to kill germs. Thanks to technology, the same UV-C light can be seen in the form of household devices such as sanitizing bags, cell phone cases, water bottles, and light bulbs.

Ozone gases are created by the wavelength of the UV-C lights. These are better at germicidal coverage but also have a strong odor and should be used away from people, pets, and plants.

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ALLRIER UV/Ozone Light Sanitizer

$109, Amazon

The remote control makes this light work well in small to medium-sized rooms. It isgreat uv virus killing lightfor removing odors from areas that are hard to clean like closets, basements, and mud rooms. Plug it in and leave the room. The light will turn off after 30 minutes, and emit an odor. The manufacturer suggests that you leave the room before you come back.

You shouldn’t be in the room while the light is on because it provides ozone coverage.

A water leak was experienced while we were away. The water mitigation team took 11 days to remove all of the wet materials. The house smelled like an attic. We put the lamp in the room and let it go. My home smelled like a melon on the counter when I came home.

59S UV Light Sanitizer Bag

$199, Amazon

The bag has a UV light that zips out so all the disinfecting powers stay inside. It can kill up to 99% of germs, viruses, andbacteria in just five minutes.

One user wrote that they use it to clean their cell phone, car keys, baby toys, and any other things they can fit. It is large enough to hold a football. Love it!

CrazyCap UV Water Purifier Cap and Water Bottle

Amazon starts at $69.95.

The UV-C light built into the cap of this water bottle will kill 99% of mold andbacteria in your water in four hours. You can use the UV wand if you remove the cap.

One reviewer wrote that they bought a few of these and will buy more. This method is chemical-free and can be used for water and surface Sanitation. The company donates to water Sanitation organizations and stands by their product.

Coospider UV Light Bulb

$72.50, Amazon.

The UV light bulb is easy to install and will give you 600 square feet of space in one hour. The 36- watt bulb is perfect for hard to clean areas. Leave the room while it cleans. The manufacturer recommends that you leave the room for 30 to 90 minutes.

You shouldn’t be in the room while the light is on because it provides ozone coverage.

It knocked the musty mold smell out of my RV and mobile home in a matter of minutes. It also killed silverfish insects. The ozone leaves a fresh scent like clean line-dried sheets after it has dissipated.

GAKUS Portable UV Wand

Amazon starts at $30.98.

If you want a portable device that can be used to clean small items like pillows and keyboards, this handheld wand is a great option. It is also great for travel and public restrooms. It will make you feel like a wizard.

The UV travel wand is easy to use. Great for travel. No battery needed! I took it to a hotel with me and it felt better after being cleaned.

Rdfmy Smart Phone UV Sanitizer Wireless Charger

$699.99 on Amazon.

The device is small and effective at protecting cell phones from UV rays, but not as effective as other UV sanitizers. Most cell phones have a wireless charging station built in. Adding a couple drops of your favorite essential oil will make your cell phone smell better.

I use a safe method of sterilizing my phone at night, according to an Amazon reviewer. It is convenient that the phone charges and saves time.

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