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The Best Storage Containers for Chips


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Many households have a variety of chips in the house.

It can be very frustrating to have to search behind every door and in storage to find the flavor that you are looking for or to find that your favorite bag has been opened and left to go rancid.

What are the best storage containers? Storage containers for chips should have a seal to keep them out of the air. Storage containers are a great way to organize your bags.

If you want to maximize the life of an opened bag, showcase your snack-sized bags of chips, or tidily contain family-sized bags of chips, this article is for you.

Best Storage Containers for Chips

One of the few pantry items that need to be properly stored is chips.

They will get lost if you don’t have a plan for the bags. If you don’t provide a safe space for larger bags to live in, they will get crushed and leave you with half a bag of chip dust.

When a bag of chips is opened, any chips that don’t get immediately eaten need to be stored in an airtight container to keep them from getting gummy.

We searched and found the best solution for your needs.

We should look at each one more closely.

1. OXO Good Grips POP Container

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A bag of chips will oxidize very quickly. They reduce the crunch to a soft chew because they soak up the air’sMoisture.

Buying large, family-sized bags of chips is a great deal, but you need to transfer your chips to an airtight container as soon as you open the bag.

The container from OXO is large enough to hold a giant bag of chips, and you can see through it, so you won’t forget they’re waiting for you. You can always use it for other snack items.

  • Best for opened bags of chips
  • A container large enough for bulk supplies of chips.
  • The shape is space-efficient and has a push-button seal.

If you were a fan of the old design, the new design may be a disappointment.

For chips, this container is large enough to meet the family-sized chip bag quantities, but it is also sealed enough to keep your snacks fresh for a while.

2. Mind Reader SNACKCAR Supreme Snack Organizer

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If you love getting a value-sized box of snack-sized chips and don’t like having to store a giant box in your pantry, this snack organizer is for you. The design of the carousel allows you to see all the snack options you have available.

This double-decker tray can hold up to 20 snack-sized bags of chips on the lower level best airtight containers with plenty of space on the upper level for other snacks that fit in a lunch bag or purse.

  • Best for snack-sized bags of chips
  • A sturdy base and rubber grips hold this storage unit in place.
  • It’s perfect for a busy home or office.

12 of the upper level’s dividers are not replaceable. If you are not someone who has bars on hand all the time, it would be better if they were removed to double the capacity for small bags of chips.

3. mDesign Plastic Storage Bins

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Large bags of chips are great for family gatherings, movie nights, or road trips, but they can be a bit unruly in storage.

They need to be protected because they take up a lot of space and fall over.

A large storage container is a great way to keep large bags of chips out of sight and out of mind.

  • Best for family-sized or large bags of chips
  • Meeting the needs of any chip-loving household, in multiple sizes.
  • It’s made of transparent plastic and easy to carry.

They are a type of plastic that is easy to scratch and can warp in the dishwasher. Hand wash them.

The best fruit and vegetable storage baskets.

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