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Tie Dye Leggings and Activewear – Top 10 Tie Dye Leggings and Activewear


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It’s time to call all lovers of color. We have what you need for tie dye.

The pattern can be dated back to 500 AD. Japanese, Indonesian, Indian, Thai and African cultures all have their own versions of tie-dye.

Tie dye has bright primary colors. Professor Pellow of Columbia University acquired some tie dye fabrics in 1909 and explained the process in his classes.

Tie dye became popular in the 1960’s and 70’s as an expression of personality, freedom and love.

The bright colors of tie dye seem to lift the mood in any setting.

Our top picks are tie dye leggings, sports bras, and more.

When we make a list of the best leggings, we rate them on a number of factors. We want to share the best with our readers.

Best Tie Dye Leggings and Activewear

The fabrics are to be dyed. They offer a lot of compression and won’t hurt you. The sets are bright and will make you happy.

Save 15% on your first two orders tie dye yoga clothes with code SHMGY25.

#2 Splits59

Their tie dye collection was released this summer. I’m for it. This set clearly shows the colors of the rainbow.

You can get $20 off when you use this link.

#3 Glyder

Glyder makes loungewear. We love their clothing.

You can save 20% on your first purchase with this link.

Read our Glyder reviews here.

#4 Electric & Rose

Electric and Rose use organic cotton. You will want to chilling in their pieces all day. They also have sweatshirts with tie-dye prints.

You can save $25 on your first order by using this link.

You can use code SCHIMIGGY20 to get 20% off all your orders.

Read our Electric & Rose reviews here.

Shop Electric & Rose

#5 K-Deer

K-Deer makes great leggings. The front panel design eliminates the toe.

You can save 10% on your orders by using the code. Shop now.

Check out our K-Deer reviews here>>

When wearing yoga pants and leggings, how to prevent camel toe.


WERKSHOP makes soft and stretchy Athleisure fabric. You will want to live for the blue and black prints. We wear ours all the time.

You can save 10% on your orders by using the code.

#7 NUX

NUX is a USA based brand. It’s a good idea to size up in NUX.

Read our NUX review here>>

#8 lululemon

The tie-dye prints were part of the Shibori collection. Tie-dye prints are occasionally offered and sell out quickly.

lululemon made sports bras and pants with the Shibori print. It was a break from all of their colors.

Read our lululemon reviews here>>

#9 Avocado

A LA-based brand focuses on seamless apparel. They have tie-dye leggings with matching crop top bras. They sell out quickly.

Buy Avocado on Carbon38 and Bandier.

#10 Terez

Terez makes a lot of leggings. They have long and capri length bottoms.

You can get 15% off your first two orders by using the code SHMGY25 on Carbon38.

Read our Terez reviews here>>

#11 Liquido

Liquido uses a fabric that feels like cotton. We recommend using Liquido.

Read our Liquido reviews here>>

#12 Onzie

Onzie makes clothes for men and women. When activated with sweat their gear works better.

Read our Onzie reviews here>>

#13 Beach Riot

Beach Riot makes great loungewear.

Buy Beach Riot on Carbon38 and Bandier.

Shop Beach Riot

#14 Zuvi

Zuvi makes a lot of prints. Their fabrics are made in Los Angeles. The fabric is soft and slick, making it great for yoga.

I fit a medium in Zuvi leggings and wear a size 6.

Zuvi is no longer open. You can still buy their products on other websites.

#15 Spiritual Gangster

The Spiritual Gangster makes beach and bohemian style apparel. The tie dye pants and tops are great for lounging around in as well as yoga and other low impact sports.

You can get $20 off when you spend more than $50.

Shop Spiritual Gangster

#16 Athleta

The tie dye leggings are made from the Powervita fabric. One of our favorites is the Salutation tight.

There is a 20% off coupon code for Athleta.

#17 Tory Sport

The brand is called Tory Sport. The tie dye set comes with a sports bra and shirt.

Shop Tory Sport

#18 Hard Tail

Hard Tail makes a wide range of clothing from their soft and organic fabric. The brand is great for low impact activities.

Get a $10 off Hard Tail coupon code>>

Shop Hard Tail


There is a tie dye legging. Their legging is in various colors. You can read our review of the leggings.

Save 15% off at SPANX with this link>>

#20 LNA

LNA makes soft cotton fabric. Tie dye pieces are a great way to add color to your wardrobe.

You can get 15% off your first two orders with the code SHMGY25.

#21 Free People Movement

The tie dye leggings are light pastels. Free People can be used in many ways.

Read my Free People Movement review here>>

Shop Free People

#22 Gap Fit

Gap Fit is an affordable line of clothes. They have sports bra sets. The tie dye print looks like a crystal.

Shop Gap Fit

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